Private Equity

What is Private Equity?

To put it as simply as possible, Private Equity is investing in an ownership of a company that is not publicly owned or traded on the stock market. In general Private Equity firms provide equity-related financing to businesses. The intent of a private equity firm is to help the businesses they invest in by, investing to grow business, improve operations, finance acquisitions, etc.

Private Equity  encompasses a wide array of investment situations, strategies and styles that can provide vastly different outcomes in your portfolio. As part of a carefully constructed portfolio, alternative investments have the potential to create much higher returns and reduce overall risk as Private Equity investments are less likely to follow the same trends that other stock, annuities or bonds follow.

CoLegacy is a Multi-Family Private Equity Firm offering superior investment opportunities to a few select high net worth families.

Our niche is providing superior investment opportunities primarily in distressed businesses. Superior in the sense that they are smaller, shorter term and higher return than most other private equity firms achieve. We have scoured the market to find better and more efficient opportunities and when the deal is done we leave more on the table for our limited partners. Why? Because we want long term relationships with our investment partners.

Why choose CoLegacy to be your Private Equity Firm? To put it simply, we make money when you make money and we lose money when you lose money. Why? Because at CoLegacy we don’t simply provide investment options, we invest in them with you. If we wouldn’t invest our money, we would never ask you to invest yours. Nobody likes to lose money, especially us. That’s why we always work right along side our clients in making crucial investment decisions. Look around, you wont find another firm like ours anywhere.


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