When the economy tanked and nobody knew what to do, people looked to us. Born out of necessity, our company is like none other. In the wake of the economic downturn and recession CoLegacy has emerged as a leader in Multi-family private equity, Venture Capital and a slew of other services catering to our high net worth clients and their families. Our firm is unique due to the nature of our Private Equity holdings which tend to be shorter term than other Private Equity firms offer their clients. Along with Private Equity and Venture Capital we offer comprehensive estate and trustee services. This means that we are here to help our clients build not just their portfolios and net worth but, also to build and maintain a legacy that can be passed from generation to generation.

At one point or another every member of our team has been forced to innovate to stay on top. That’s what makes us unique. Our Private Equity funds are buying and investing in companies that have the same problems we’ve encountered in our own businesses. Why? Because we know how to fix them.

No two businesses are alike but all businesses operate on the same principles. This understanding allows us to be opportunistic. We rely on our experience (that we’ve developed by running our own businesses), to acquire and invest in all kinds of businesses.

We help our clients with a full range of services including:

  1. Investment Management
  2. Wealth Transfer
  3. Tax Services
  4. Family Services
  5. Trust and trust administration Services